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Are you ready to take the leap and sell your home? A little planning and preparation can go a long way in making a huge profit. "Before you put that ‘For Sale’ sign in the front lawn, there.

Whether it’s your first time selling your home or you’ve sold a home before, the home-selling process can be complicated. Bookmark this page and come back often for helpful tips on what to do when you sell your house, including pointers to get started and guides to choose the best selling strategies.

If you are looking to sell your home in the near future, or if yours has been on the market with no bites as yet, you’ll be wanting to get the maximum sale price in the quickest time for it – to make it an easy transition to your new home – especially with the market like it is at present.

How to Figure Out the Best Time to Sell-for You. Timing is super-important for listing your home, but the best time depends on both personal and market factors. Here’s what to look for. July 3, 2019

Getting ready for a new baby can be an exciting time. between life and death for the newest occupant to their home — safety. “It’s so important to really think about your home from top-to-bottom,”.

“I decided to get the house ready for the market as much as possible,” he said. there’s no shame in calling a professional. Read more on Selling Your Home: The right listing price can be the.

Hold an exclusive brokers’ open house to let local agents know your home is on the market. Offer food and refreshments. Inform family, friends and neighbors of the date and time of your open house. put ads in local newspapers, real estate publications and on free Web sites like

Here are seven signs you’re ready to sell your house: 1. You’ve got equity on your side. 2. You’re out of debt with cash in the bank. 3. You can afford to buy a home that fits your lifestyle better. 4. You can cash-flow the move. 5. You’re emotionally ready to sell. 6. You Understand the.