Zero-days patched across major vendors expand the fallout from the Hacking Team breach, but that’s not the. victims of a cyber-attack," Vectra Threat Labs wrote in a blog post. "In the aftermath of.

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More customer leaks are sure to follow, as AMCA has quite a few partners in the U.S. LabCorp, the U.S. clinical and medical lab testing expert, has announced a data breach which exposed the personal and financial information of approximately 7.7 million customers. The part of the network that was exposed was not directly operated and managed by.

This past week saw the announcement of several new payment card breaches, including a point-of-sale breach at Applebee’s restaurants that affected 167 locations across 15 states. The malware, which was discovered on February 13, 2018, was "designed to capture payment card information and may have affected a limited number of purchases" made at Applebee’s locations.

Baltimore-based cybersecurity startup Terbium Labs uses machine learning techniques in its dark web data monitoring and threat intelligence system, Matchlight. The automated system scours the dark web.

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The breach chain (shown above) highlights the common sequence of events leading to a data breach. The first link in the chain is the encounter stage: we encounter malware every day, through email, web, personal devices, and more. The probability of any single encounter leading to a data breach is low.

Data breaches rarely make for sensational news. Media outlets may report about them but public interest often dies down after a week or two. Or that was the case until the Ashley Madison breach happened. The recent leak of the Ashley Madison accounts is the culmination of a month-long digital stand-off between the site that.

Data Breach Roundup: Venmo Data Leaked, Voter Data Exposed and LabCorp Hacked. by michael osakwe july 24, 2018. Last week, stories about three concerning data breaches broke. This time, we learned how payment app Venmo’s default public display of transaction data can expose its users, and that.

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