It’s Not Just Cash-Strapped Millennials Worried About Housing Affordability Miami Herald, Feb. 16, 2017–Ana Veciana-Suarez A new survey of Americans 55 years and over shows that almost half worry about where they will live in retirement and almost two-thirds of baby boomer parents fret about their adult children’s ability to afford desirable.

 · But, in a sense, millennials are not poorer. They just made a different investment. previous generations also took out loans, but they used that.

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 · ”Although optimists argue technological innovation will allow Millennials to enjoy a higher standard of living and unlock associated employment opportunities, many believe housing affordability.

Millennials are fast becoming a "political powerhouse" and affordable housing, in all its forms, is high on their agenda. This was the message from generational change consultant david coletto at.

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Derryn Hinch tells millennials that owning a home is a dream, not a right. making housing more affordable is just the start. A small Chinese bank has collapsed and experts are worried the.

But the city’s housing crisis continues. More than 60,000 people, including 23,000 children, slept in city homeless shelters this week. Half of renter households pay more than 30 percent of their.

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 · Fewer millennials are moving into their own place because housing prices are outpacing wages, Terrazas said. Student loan debt has also become a major barrier to.

The United States is facing an affordable. its lack of a strong public transit system. Phoenix residents across income brackets spend nearly 50 percent of their earnings on housing and.

In nearly all the metros we looked at, affordability was the #1 reason for delaying homeownership, but millennials on the west coast struggled the most: Portland, San Diego, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco all had more than 80% of renters listing affordability as a concern. Miami and New York, expensive metros with many cost-burdened renters, were #6 and #7 on the list.

But he wasn’t terribly worried about the debt-provided it’s not too high and is being managed responsibly.. are typically the most cash-strapped, so they’re looking for homes priced at.