Socialism. At the Democratic Socialists of America Convention, Clapping, Chatter, and Gendered Language Are Considered Triggering But it wasn’t all woke one-upmanship-they also discussed public.

Has that stopped those in favor from routinely forwarding the message of impending doom if we don’t address it. No it hasn’t. This my friends is how the left has come into power in all sections of society over the decades. They to not go back to a normal life and leave us alone like we are prone to do when we think we’ve won an argument.

Then he looked at what the Democrats are becoming and now he’s warning the Democrats, "Don’t go there. Don’t become socialists! The great middle in America wants moderate, ethical.

 · Evil Hack Chuck Schumer Says It’s Racist to Study Voter Fraud. By. S.Noble – August 25, 2017. 5. Senate hack Chucky Schumer, Democrat Socialist of NY, has declared that restricting voting to only Americans is an exercise in racism. Immigration laws, vetting of refugees, voter ID are all racist.. Absurd but Democrats don’t have to make sense.

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An Icon of the Left (Joseph Stiglitz) Tells Democrats: Don’t Go Socialist Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2019 12:15PM Wednesday, May 22, 2019 by S. Abbas Raza Michael Hirsh in Foreign Policy :

Welcome to the new Democratic Party. Each contender is so desperate to out-left the others, the party has completely abandoned middle america and taken a swan dive into an unabashed socialist agenda.

The parallels between the Bolshevik takeover, which begat the Union of soviet socialist republics, and the über-leftward turn of the Democratic Party are impossible to ignore.

Biden & AOC lead Democrats to land where facts don’t matter and truth is make-believe. It isn’t just far-left Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez who disdain facts in favor of. Subscribe to RT newsletter to get stories the mainstream media won’t tell you. Subscribe. Mixi.Media News.

 · But the drop in Democrats’ positive views of capitalism this year has for the first time left Democrats more positive about socialism as a concept than about capitalism. It’s possible that the drop in Democrats’ positive views of capitalism is related to Donald Trump’s presidency.

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