Like dividends? You’ll love these Dividend Aristocrats, each of which has the wherewithal to keep the dividends flowing for a long time to come.

One of my favourite Warren Buffett maxims is "our favorite holding period is forever." Meanwhile all five also pay their shareholders a dividend, meaning that with an investment in the stock of these five companies, you too can take part in the "magic" of compounding.

3 Top Dividend Stocks to Buy Now. Dividend Paying Stocks for Beginners. American Water is a quintessential buy-and-hold stock. It provides a product (fresh water) and a service (wastewater treatment) that will never become outdated or less popular.

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With current quarterly dividend (CA$0.77), my last purchase 30 shares of RY increases 49.17 (CA$68.84) of expected annual net dividend income. I totally hold now 85 shares of RY and my yield on cost is 3.96%. You can look at my first 3 Dividend Aristocrats to Buy and Hold Forever.

Warren Buffett once said, "Our favorite holding period is forever." Although "forever" may be an exaggeration (even for Buffett), it would certainly make investing simpler if you could buy good stocks and then mentally lock them away in your portfolio.

When you are looking for dividend stocks to buy and hold forever, it pays to take advice from the guru of long-term investing, Warren Buffett. He recommends the six stocks listed below. They all pay great dividends while being priced right. As it is well known, Buffet doesn’t buy overvalued stocks.

BUY and HOLD FOREVER. Under each stock that is identified, we will put an all data graph to see how they performed over the years. According to the UTG shareholder letter in April 2011, UTG announced an 8.7% increase in the Fund’s monthly dividend, to a rate of $0.125 per common share.

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During pullbacks/corrections/bear markets, I’ll sell BIL to buy. forever, but my goal is 2+% long-term outperformance (doubling IQT’s track record). That would be more than enough to ensure.

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