Most of us can sacrifice a bit to pay off debt, but it’s probably not worth bending over backward to pay back your student loans early if it means you must struggle to pay other bills and eat, or have to forgo basic necessities like health insurance.

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For parents of students, it can be tempting to try to help out – by cosigning a loan, taking out a Parent PLUS loan, or even paying off a child’s individual student loan. However, as reasonable as it may be to want to help your child fulfill their academic potential, taking on their student debt in any way can seriously affect your bottom line.

Unfortunately, a poor credit history can make it difficult for your child to rent an apartment, get a car loan, or even find a job for years after earning a degree. And if you’ve cosigned your child’s credit card application, you’ll be on the hook for your child’s unpaid credit card debt, and your.

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Many commentators will argue that it is wrong to consider a student loan as a debt in the traditional sense – as a car loan might be. Where a student takes the loan option, as usually happens, they will only be expected to begin paying it off when they enter the world of.

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For starters, a student loan is not a "loan" or a "debt" in any conventional sense. Unlike a mortgage or a bank loan, if my stepson hasn’t repaid it after 30 years it will be written off.

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Should I pay off my student loan early? Your student loan may be a burden you want to clear as soon as possible, even if you might never have to pay it all back. Here’s how to decide if it’s worth paying off your student loan early.

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