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Fugitive Kentucky Lawyer Behind $550M Social Security Fraud Captured In Honduras. A Kentucky. Hidden Peril Awaits China's Banks As Property Binge Fuels mortgage fraud frenzy. gravity-defying. Major U.S. Retailer Files Suit Alleging Multi-State Real Estate Fraud, Bribery Scheme. (Modesto Bee). Interbank.

“The three individuals taken into custody stand charged with preying on struggling homeowners simply looking for a way to keep their homes from falling into foreclosure,” said Romero. “These.

Mortgage Fraud Suspect Indicted FRESNO, Calif. – Robert Farrace, 54, of Modesto, was sentenced today to two years in prison for a fraudulent short-sale scheme, U.S. Attorney.

Both were charged with fraud and conspiracy. Bruce Isackson, 61, president of a real estate development firm; and Davina Isackson, 55, both of Hillsborough, Calif. They are alleged to have.

Attorney Sentenced for His Role in Mortgage Fraud Scheme.. Real Estate Broker Convicted of Bank Fraud in Orlando Area Mortgage. Three Sentenced for Mortgage Fraud Scheme Involving 14 Properties in Elk Grove, Sacramento, Modesto, Riverside Man and Office Manager Indicted on Federal Charges Alleging.

He was arrested in February on fraud charges. Adverse possession is an arcane real estate law that allows squatters to take over a vacant property if they live on it for a certain number of years and.

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Khan was indicted by a grand jury May 25 and arrested Wednesday on seven securities fraud charges for his alleged role in making a. letter asking a bank to agree to a short sale on residential real.

Seven defendants were charged in an indictment that was unsealed on Monday following the arrest of HARVEY WRIGHT, 46, of Chicago, a disbarred South Holland attorney. The alleged fraud involved.

This follows his indictment on one count of bank fraud conspiracy and one count of. are alleged used fraudulent documents to buy properties in mortgage default , created.. Massachusetts Attorney Convicted in short sale fraud scam disbarred. Modesto Attorney Sentenced to Prison for Committing Short Sale Fraud.

Their indictment on multiple counts of bank fraud. In an alleged real estate scheme, Melody Redondo, a real estate agent, attempted to sell Crestwood subcontractor Christopher Georgeson’s $1.4.

Seven Indicted for $3 Million Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy. bank in a mortgage fraud scheme, united states attorney Benjamin B.. Jyoteshna Karan, 43, and Praveen Singh, 36, were arrested this morning at their home in Modesto.. allows us to investigate the most complex real estate fraud cases at the.

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