Patrick H. Hare, whose planning firm has played a key role in developing accessory dwelling units in the United States, and by Leo Baldwin, former housing coordinator for AARP. We are grateful for the assistance provided by state and local officials who gave us important

That might begin to change if the state legislature passes. trend in Sacramento to preempt local restrictions on housing. Some of these measures, such as a 2016 law easing the approval of new.

The commission voted 5-2 in favor of allowing two-family dwellings on corner lots with administrative approval, voted 7-0 to create an affordable housing density bonus, and voted 6-1 to adjust the.

Accessory Dwelling Units EN | ES Accessory Dwelling Unit: A dwelling unit that is secondary to the principal single household dwelling unit in terms of gross floor area, intensity of use, and physical character, but which has kitchen and bath facilities separate from the principal dwelling and may have a separate entrance.

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Used to wide open spaces and being. But the landscape is changing as more people push for affordable options, especially in pricey areas. In 2017, California led the nation in new permits for.

D. States and Cities that encourage adu development….. 69.. are the principal obstacle to the wider availability of this housing option.”). 2. A recent.. Casey Ross, Menino Pushes Micro-Units to Lure Young to Waterfront, BOSTON. infill_tools.pdf (discussing infill special uses and approval process).

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Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have gone by a wide variety of. Out of California's 482 cities, Wieckowski reports that only 200 have passed local ADU. If California can push this through the process, other states will likely.

From 2010 to 2014, Atlanta lost 5,309 low-cost units. on the Accessory Dwelling Unit legislation I passed this spring. Restore and increase the capacity of Community Development Corporations across.

tion of accessory units. Many of these programs were not very successful, as they lacked lexibility and scope. Although a number of communities still restrict devel-opment of accessory dwelling units, there is a growing awareness and acceptance of ADUs as an inexpensive way to increase the affordable housing supply and