India surely needs a mega bailout, and here’s how it may look like. india surely needs a mega bailout, and here’s how it may look like. US 30-year yields drop to fresh record low below 2%. Wall St rises after strong retail sales data.

Do we look like fools to you, RBI: We pay massive taxes just so people like Nirav Modi can loot us? Description: Urjit Patel better come out and offer us an explanation as to why 11,000,00,00,000 of our money got stolen out of this country while he was drinking tea!

If yes, these offers by Samsung on its Galaxy S series are surely worth a look. The smartphones were unveiled a day ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona and were officially launched in.

So how could a major bill described by the president and both. There are no easy answers here, as the House's stunning defeat. Sure the bailout helps in the short term, but is a negative in the long run.. If you take the risk you need to accept the failure. Maybe it is time to do what was done in India?

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We’ve had 307 runs in the day, just like yesterday. Part of England’s problem here is that their two old stagers didn’t get a decent rest, as their innings only lasted 38.2 overs. Time for Woakes,

Big Isn’t Better Welcome to the Billion-Man Slum. As megacities (urban areas with more than 10 million people) mushroom across the globe, we need to start thinking about how to make cities.

Okay may be a bit unrelated but I received a cactus like this as a gift and in the past ~2 months I’ve only watered it once (it’s what’s recommended on the internet during hot months!) but it’s sort of yellowish under the white hair and I’m afraid it might die. Does anyone here know how to take proper care of it?

In India. like Horizon State and Democracy Earth show such a system could be within reach. It may also require a rethink in how we measure progress. Instead of merely pointing to GDP or jobs.