The Mises Institute just released a study on the phenomenon of tax exodus, and it found that 7.5 million people have left high-tax states, Puplava noted. The top destinations were Florida, Texas, and North Carolina. With the push to eliminate state and property taxes as deductions at the Federal level, many may have little choice but to leave.

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Trump’s strategic trial-balloon comes as he gears up for his first campaign visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, where he expects. federal budget bill. (The bill moved forward as written.) He has.

A new federal tax plan is upon us. Columnist Dan Walters weighs what it means – including the possibility of more of California’s wealthy escaping to Nevada enclaves such as Incline Village on the.

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American business’s focus on quarterly results versus long-term growth is not new, nor is the long-term planning of Asian business leaders compared with America’s focus on quarterly and annual results.

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Center for Freedom & Prosperity Chairman Dan Mitchell on the impact of the tax reform legislation on high-tax states across the country.. The great tax exodus from high. How Amazon Paid $0.

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As we weigh the impact of the federal tax overhaul, now being wrought by President Trump and the Republican Congress, on California, we should keep in mind the first and foremost axiom about taxation.. How would federal tax overhaul hit California?. Dan Walters has been a journalist for.

Follow along by selecting "Today in Taxes." In the emerging GOP agreement on the tax overhaul. m concerned about the continuing exodus of business people and successful people from our state.” Rep.

Dan Walters expects a wealth exodus. december 20, 2017 Ara Catchatoorian Comments Off on How would federal tax overhaul hit california? dan Walters expects a wealth exodus. south carolina publisher buys New Orleans publisher.. A new federal tax plan is upon us. Columnist Dan Walters weighs what it means – including the possibility of more of California’s wealthy escaping to Nevada enclaves.