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There are many other techniques to improve your credit score. You may enjoy these other posts about credit: 6 Surefire Ways to Increase your credit score (video) 9 facts You Should Know About Your Credit Score; 5 Credit Lessons I Wish Were Taught in School I hope you enjoyed the story of how I raised my credit score 150 points.

7 tips for buying a car with bad credit Regardless of the reason for it, having a low credit score can make it difficult to buy a car. particularly when they’re telling you things you want to hear.

If it’s only going to take a few months for a negative item to expire off your report, and you don’t have a specific dream house in mind that you want to buy right now, then sure, go ahead and wait for the bad item to expire before applying for a loan, so you’ll have a higher credit score and get a better interest rate.

A credit score could go down for many reasons from late payments to making a large purchase on a credit card.. like getting approved for a new credit card can negatively affect your score. Why Your Credit Scores May Have Dropped. If you' ve noticed a drop in your credit scores, some common reasons.

Dear KKB, Every credit history is unique, so it’s impossible to say exactly what you need to do in order to increase your personal credit score by 100 points, exactly how long it will take, or even if it is possible.

Freddie Mac reports dip in long-term mortgage rates, says 30-year average hit lowest level’ since 2017 WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. long-term mortgage rates fell this week. It was the seventh decline in the past nine weeks for the key 30-year, fixed-rate loan, which reached its lowest level since november 2016. mortgage buyer Freddie Mac says the average rate on the benchmark 30-year mortgage fell to 3.73% from 3.84% last week.

You didn’t really answer the question of what is the minimum credit score to buy a house and you didn’t broach the topic of bankruptcy and buying a house which is precisely the situation I am in. I had to declare bankruptcy 3 years ago and am working to build back my credit, but it’s a very slow process.

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