For instance, according to Experian’s eighth annual State of Credit report, the nation’s average credit score was a 675 in 2017. That’s based on the VantageScore 3.0.

Spoiler: Cities in Illinois make up almost a third of this list. So it’s fairly appropriate that the state’s capital, Springfield, would make an appearance. 2019 marks the fourth year in a row that Sangamon County, where Springfield is located, has seen its population decrease, according to the Census Bureau.

House prices fall as buyers feel the strain For months, left-wing activists and politicians in the chosen borough of Queens had protested Amazon’s decision, which they argued would result in a rise in living and housing costs, and strain an.

Credit > Can You Guess Your Credit Score?: Date: 10/08/2007 Your credit score is an extremely important and valuable asset. It can be used to determine everything from your rates on a home loan to whether or not you are accepted for an apartment rental or an employment opportunity.

Three West Coast cities made the grade, but most family-friendly communities are clearly in the country’s mid-section. The worst On the other end of the spectrum is Birmingham, Alabama.

The U.S. average credit score in May 2015 was 669. Mississippi residents have the lowest average scores at 638, while Minnesota has the highest at 704.

The national average credit score was 682. A total of 29 states had an above average credit score. minnesota ranked first in the U.S. with a credit score of 722, while Mississippi ranked last with a credit score of 648. Regionally, the Northeast had the highest average credit score (694).

 · Mobile was ranked as the worst, with blacks more than 5.5 times more likely to miss out on being approved for a loan. Huntsville was 11th and Tuscaloosa was 19th in the study.

Best: Cheap living – Perhaps for all the wrong reasons (one of the worst school systems and a failing economy, to name a few), Mississippi is the cheapest state to live in. In fact, after taxes.

 · Mississippi is the nation’s poorest state while Maryland ranks as its richest, according to newly released information from the US Census Bureau. In addition to Mississippi, the three poorest states include west virginia and Arkansas. Relatively low levels of education could be a factor in the poverty and lower incomes in all three states.

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