However, if paying off the debt does little more than "free up the credit card" for other stuff, then it’s a very poor way to use a windfall. That’s why, in most cases, I advocate using that money to ensure a better financial position unless you’re truly committed to reducing your spending.

You’ve Got Funding: 5 Things to Do With the Money Right Away. By:. and some need no one other than the owner.. If you aren’t able to put money away, look into the different SBA loans that can be used as a financial backup to keep you afloat.

Winning the lottery or otherwise landing a financial windfall can drastically improve your finances, but what should you do with the money? Here are five smart ways to allocate the cash.

5 Tips for Handling a Financial Windfall. Rebecca Lake Dec 23, 2014.. Initiate a Spending Freeze. If you’re like most people, the first thing you’re going to want to do after you cash your windfall check is go on a shopping spree.. you could end up right back in debt if you have to.

Use a small amount of it to buy something fun. Is there a pricey restaurant you’ve been dying to try? Do you have enough to spend a couple hundred on a romantic weekend away? Spending a bit of money on an experience that you will enjoy is a better investment than buying a toy that will lose its luster in a few months.

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Communicated with each other about spending. opportunity to right the ship," she says. "They may not realize it, but they are investing in you. Be grateful." Do you have massive debts to pay off or.

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Do nothing rash. Set aside one year’s living expenses [note 2] and place the rest of the windfall into low risk investments (fdic insured accounts, money market funds, treasury bills) for one year. As it may take as long as five years for the windfall recipient to adjust to a new life, this pause.

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