Wall Street needs to start worrying about a key change in Fed policy. The Fed’s plan to shrink its balance sheet gradually may have greater market impact than expected. The planned $450 billion reduction in the Fed’s assets between last month and the end of 2018 could be equivalent to a full percentage point interest rate hike,

Top Federal Reserve officials signalled that the US central bank is wary of any rapid move towards monetary tightening. that will wind down in June. Within the central bank, some officials -.

By signing up you agree. Ending that wind-down will ensure there is enough cash in the financial system for banks to fund their operations and meet their regulatory requirements for a rainy-day.

Fed chair Janet Yellen is leaving a "pretty good legacy," he said: "She got us off of zero and she started us on the wind down – the quantitative tightening – and so far, nothing has blown up."

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Merk: What Does Fed’s Shrinking Balance Sheet Mean for Stocks, Bonds & Gold? Merk expects the Federal Reserve to make a formal announcement this September about reducing its $4.5 trillion.

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The Fed has already raised interest rates twice this year, and unveiled plans to begin winding down its vast balance sheet that it built-up during the 2008-09 financial crisis.