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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Our record-setting rainy spring has led to lots of flooding. "It comes in sheets. It’s like having a private waterfall in your bedroom you don’t want," Merandino said. The first.

Swope Park. Large swaths around the Blue River and Indian Creek. Nearly 2,100 homes across the city. All underwater. That’s just a glimpse of what a 500-year flood would be like if it happened in Kansas City, according to floodplain maps. Events like the flooding after Hurricane Harvey in Houston are unprecedented.

The climate of Houston brings very heavy rainfall annually in between April to October, during the Texas Gulf Coast rainy season, together with tidal flood events, which have produced repeated floods in the city ever since its founding in 1836, though the flood control district founded in 1947, aided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, managed to prevent statewide flooding for over fifty years.

No. Houston is an amazing city. The flooding that has been occuring the past few years has not been the norm. I grew up there, lived there for 25 yrs and never experienced what I see on the news and in family photos. Aside from that, its has the best medical care and medical research in the world. So, no.

Then, the flood happened. Now, farmers like Biermann have little recourse for recouping. a couple hot days in Montana and all this starts coming down. Look out Kansas City. Look out Atchison. And.

Significant parts of Houston have been underwater at some point in the last three years: the Memorial Day floods of 2015, the Tax Day flooding of 2016 and now Hurricane Harvey, which is said to be.

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