The shortage of affordable rental units has increased from 5.8 to 7.2 million, and a larger percentage of the growing rental population can be considered extremely low-income renters.

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Today legislators introduced a bipartisan bill, The Save Affordable Housing Act of 2019, that would make a crucial correction to the Qualified Contract (QC) provision in Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code and save thousands of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) properties from prematurely converting to market rate.

New Senate Report: Demand for Affordable Housing Exploding, Construction Not Keeping Pace. In addition, there is a nationwide shortage of 7.4 million affordable rental homes, an increase from the 4.6 million gap in 2000. In Washington, state the affordable housing crisis is getting worse at a faster pace:

But in the area of housing, a challenge that has long been chronic has reached crisis levels: there is a nationwide shortage of affordable homes. Today, in the 50 largest metropolitan areas, on average only 37 affordable rental homes are available for every 100 low-income renter households, according to a study by the National Low Income.

A shortage of affordable, accessible units, especially for people with disabilities, larger families, and.. disability, familial status or national origin which restrict housing choices or the. emphasize the development of Healthy Connected Neighborhoods. fighting for equal access to housing and other equity issues. ii.

Her parents are one example of hundreds of thousands of Oregon households who are affected by Oregon’s high cost of housing. The same trend has unfolded nationwide largely due to a shortage of.

The result is a deficit of 113,015 affordable and available rental homes and thousands of severely housing cost-burdened households at a high risk of homelessness in our state. This severe shortage forces 70% of our poorest families – seniors, people with disabilities, and low-wage families – to be severely housing cost-burdened.

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